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adminonlySet channels to restrict commands for admins$adminonly <...channels>
antiRemove messages containing certain content e.g. @everyone or zero width spaces/anti [<anti>]
blacklistMake a user unable to use the best discord bot in your server/blacklist <user|member> [<reason>]
commandEnable/disable a command in your server/command <command>
descriptionSet the description for the server that shows in Vanity URLs/description <desc>
filterexcludeExclude a member/role/channel from link filtering$filterexclude [<member|role|channel|category>]filterwhitelist, filterexcl
joinmsgSet the join message and a channel to send it in$joinmsg [<channel|disable>] [<message>]joinmessage
languageSet the language Fire uses. You can add/improve languages on the GitHub repo,$language [<language>]lang
leavemsgSet the leave message and a channel to send it in$leavemsg [<channel|disable>] [<message>]leavemessage
linkfilterEnable different link filters. Run the command without arguments to see all available filters/linkfilter [<filters>]
loggingSet the channel(s) for logging$logging <mod|action|member> [<textchannel>]logs, log, setlogs, setlog
logignoreIgnore specific channels from logs/logignore [<textchannel>]
modonlySet channels to restrict commands for moderators$modonly <...channels>
publicSet your server to public allowing it to be visible on Fire's Public Servers page/public